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Pretoria, Johannesburg and Midrand areas

Intelligian is a private tutoring company that specializes in effective individualized tutoring for a number of subjects. This includes Mathematics, English, Science, Accounting and mentoring. We serve high school and middle school students in grades 1–12.

This tutoring company gives students the opportunity to learn at their own pace and gain confidence in their academic abilities, and help them to develop a positive attitude towards a subject. We source tutors who have deep knowledge of the South African grade academic curriculum and University entrance. The tutors we provide also help their students to build academic resilience and expand their intellectual curiosity.
Lesson content is regularly updated according to changes in the curriculum and CAPS document.
We are also open during all school holidays except for December.

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Intelligian's private tutors mission is to professionalize private tuition with aim to assess a learner to establish problem areas, solve those problems first, before re-enforcing work taught in the classroom; thus its ambition is to help students build their resources and resilience to help them face their many daily demands.


Whether your child is suffering from a lack of confidence in their schoolwork or needs guidance preparing for school entrance examinations, and university entrance examinations, we are here to help. Our tutors are mentors and highly experienced at guiding students through their examinations to the school of their choice. Our tutors are happy to travel to the student’s homes to conduct classes.


"My extra lessons have improved my mathematics mark to an 89% on average for Grade 11. I am much more confident and I have really love maths now!!"

Cheyenne Padayachee

"I was struggling severely with maths as my marks were on a steep declin at the point of meeting me Intelligian tutor- he worked his teaching miracles. My maths mark went from a low 40% to me ending matric with a 78% average. If there was a tutoring agencies I could recommend it would be INTELLIGIAN!!"

Eduardt Petrick

"I think the Intelligian tutors are not only smart but also friendly. They are so cool yet so firm in their ways. Glad to be an active student of theirs."

Ross Van der West